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criação publicitária na CUCA Editar projeto desenvolvido durante curso de criação publicitária na CUCA Project developed during an advertising creation course at CUCA.

The app that turns the CNA student into a tour guide
Visiting a country where you do not speak your language is complicated, and translation applications like Google Translator help when you are in another country. But the translation of a real person goes far beyond the literal translation, and can really help those who need it.

In exchange for practicing conversations with americans and improving spoken and written fluency, CNA students become tour guides through the app, helping foreigners who are in Brazil in need of tips to get to know cities better than the famous sights.

How it Works:
When a foreigner requests help from the app, an alert is triggered for all registered students. The one who responds faster becomes the CNA guide at that time. The conversation can be done via text or audio and in the end the app asks the tourist to evaluate the student in the categories: spoken and written fluency. At the end of each month, the best evaluated student will be awarded a trip to the US.

- Ideia fantasma desenvolvida na Escola Cuca
- Tutora: Marilu Rodrigues
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